How to lighten dark skin around neck

Acanthosis-nigricans_342x198_C5HE23The most common complaint of darkened skin is around the neck of people. However before lightening there maybe a couple of factors at play and the most serious of these being insulin resistance or pre-diabetes and is known as Acanthosis nigricans which indicates insulin is being overproduced in the body and shows up as the dark ring that you see around peoples neck.

It is always better to rule this out and even if your dark skin has just started around your neck then with medical intervention your issue can be controlled quite easily by paying attention to this warning factor.

Dark skin around the neck can be tackled quite easily with exfoliation however the cause should be first ruled out in all instances.

There are many remedies touted for this problem however bleaching and lemon juice is not recommended as the skin is quite delicate around the face and neck, another novel way suggested by some websites is milk which I also do not recommend as it is temporary at best and wouldnt you rather be drinking milk than splashing it around your neck I know I certainly would.

Solution for dark skin/rings around neck

jhonson-clean-and-clear-dark-skin-around-neckIf all other problems are singled out as not being the cause like insulin or diabetes then there is a quite effective remedy used in the UK and its called Clean & Clear exfoliating cream it is very very effective on people who have used it in the past and seems to very lightly exfoliate the skin around the neck without damaging it, that being said you could use any mild exfoliate around the neck to remove that dreaded eye sore.

Always use body cream afterwards and clean regularly but exfoliate at the most once or twice a week and you will see lasting results if you have any solutions that have worked for you then add your comments in the box below.

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